Bamboo Flooring

Available in a range of different colours and grains

Bamboo flooring provides a luxurious cost effective option which has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Bamboo grows fast compared to hard wood and is actually stranger and less expensive. Available in a range of different colours and grains, bamboo is fast becoming a favourite choice for home flooring. Bamboo can often be installed over the top of existing wooden and vinyl floors.

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- Fast growing
- Same plants produce more wood after harvest
- More durable than hard wood
- Low Formaldehyde emissions
- Allergy Friendly

Care &

- Check Vacuum head for embedded dirt that could scratch the floor
- Use protective mats or rugs near entrances
- Avoid we or damp moping

Cleaning &

- Soak up liquid promptly
- Use diluted methylated spirits to remove stubborn wine or coffee stains
- Do not use soaps or other household products to clean the floor


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