Carpet tiles

Available For the home or office

Carpet tiles are often a great alternative to broadloom carpet. Fyshwick carpets have a large range of quality carpet tiles.

So Why Choose carpet tiles?

Ease of installation

Right from the start, carpet tiles are easy to handle and can be installed on a part by part basis. This is especially advantageous for offices and board rooms.

Come down to our showroom and speak with one of our carpet flooring experts.


Carpet tiles allow for different colours and patterns to be placed in an artistic fashion. This give you the freedom to have the floor design you've always wanted!


Many experts agree that carpet tiles outlast broadloom carpets, particularly in areas of high floor traffic, particularly in commercial spaces. In high traffic areas, broadloom carpets can start to clump and the underlay can even move around causing an uneven finish.


Carpet tiles are easy to remove and simple to replace. If a patch of carpet needs replacing, there's no need to rip up the whole carpet. This can be especially handy in cases of carpet water damage. The tiles can simply be lifted and replaced without the help of a professional.


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