Carpet is a stylish and practical flooring options for most homes.

Generally available in a large range of styles and colours, textures and blends, you'll definitely find something to fit your taste and your budget. When choosing carpet, things to consider are foot traffic, children and pets. You'll need to choose a grade and fibre to suit your situation. Our experts here at Fyshwick carpets will be bale to guide you through the whole process.

Fyshwick Carpets are guaranteed to be 25% cheaper than anyone in the market!

Come down to our showroom and speak with one of our carpet flooring experts. Fyshwick Carpets are guaranteed to be 25% cheaper than market price!

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Duty Carpet:

Medium duty carpet is best for areas with light traffic flows such as lounge and living rooms..

Duty Carpet:

Heavy duty carpet is best for areas with heavy traffic flow such as hallways and sometimes lounge and living rooms. It's also something to consider if you have a large family, foot traffic will be heavier than a a couple or single child family.

Extra Heavy Duty Carpet:

This grade of carpet is best for heavy traffic flows like hallways and busy living areas. It's also the best option for commercial office space and shops.


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Carpet Fibres

Carpet are generally made from 5 different fibres:


- Long lasting & Eco Friendly
- Non flammable
- Luxury Feel
- Warm in winter, cool in summer


- Stain resistant
- colour fast & long lasting
- Eco & Premium Options

Wool Nylon

- Generally 20% nylon 80% Wool
- Durability of nylon with softness of wool
- Extends carpet life


- Heavily stain resistant
- Even more colour fast than nylon
- May flatten in high traffic spaces


- Soft to touch
- Resistant to stains
- Wide variety of colours


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