Vinyl flooring

Better than ever before

Vinyl flooring has come a really long way. Gone are the days of cheap looking linoleum, vinyl has evolved into beautiful durable flooring option. Vinyl floors are now able to mimic the natural colours and textures and stone and timber, providing a sophisticated look without any hassles. New technologies have lead to vinyl production being suited to every room in your house. It's the perfect choice fir kitchen,s bathrooms & hallways. It's water, shock and scratch resistant and can withstand large amount of foot traffic of long periods of time and still look fantastic!

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Vinyl Properties

Vinyl flooring also proves sound and heat insulation for your home. It's much quieter than wood flooring, way warmer than tiles and provides a comfortable walking surface with a premium luxury feel. Vinyl floors with a wood finish are becoming increasingly popular due to their classy look and ease of use.

Fyshwick Carpets

Our highly skilled team of carpet laying have over 20 years of industry experience and are able to fit and lay carpets, vinyl tiles and flooring with incredible accuracy and a perfect finish.


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